Third-Party Harassment

In Lation v. Fetner Properties, Inc., 2017 WL 6550691 (S.D.N.Y., 2017), the court addressed claims by a Manhattan building concierge (plaintiff Lation) arising from harassment by a resident of, and an owner of one unit in, the condominium where plaintiff worked (defendant Thomas Chiu). The court compelled arbitration against Defendants 1212 Fifth Avenue Condominium and Fetner…

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In Green v. Rochdale Village Social Services, Inc., No. 15 CIV. 5824 (BMC), 2016 WL 4148322 (E.D.N.Y. Aug. 4, 2016), the court granted in part and denied in part defendants’ motion for summary judgment. Plaintiff – a van driver employed by a senior center – asserted that she was subjected to sexual harassment by a…

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Here is the complaint filed on August 8, 2014 against Urban Outfitters. Plaintiff alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment by customers and store personnel, constructive discharge, and retaliation. (Update: In a June 9, 2015 decision, the court denied defendant’s motion to dismiss.) From her complaint: From the beginning of Plaintiff’s employment, Defendant [], despite being…

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Here’s the recently-amended class-action sexual harassment lawsuit, Sanz et al v. Johny Utah 51 LLC et al., 14-cv-04380, filed by several employees against western-themed bar Johnny Utah’s. It also contains claims of wage violations under the FLSA and New York Labor Law. NY Post coverage here. Specifically, it alleges that “[b]y intentionally using the ramped…

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