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In a recently-filed class action complaint, captioned Suchowieski et al v. Verboten (EDNY 16-cv-01295 filed 3/15/16), plaintiffs allege that Brooklyn nightclub and their owners – Jen Schiffer and her husband, John Perez – committed various acts of wrongdoing against their employees. The complaint alleges, for example, that “[d]efendants’ female employees are subjected to persistent sexual…

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In Rosas v. Alice’s Tea Cup LLC, 14-cv-8788 (SDNY July 6, 2015), the court emphasized that “the protections of the FLSA are available to citizens and undocumented workers alike”, and entered a protective order precluding defendants from seeking discovery of the plaintiffs’ immigration status, tax returns, or current employers. Plaintiffs asserted that defendants failed to pay them…

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In Xiong Chen v. Weiqi Zhang, the Eastern District of New York recently denied both parties’ motions for summary judgment. Plaintiff worked as a waiter for Andy’s Restaurant in Brooklyn and made $150 per week before tips.  There were no records detailing plaintiff’s employment, his weekly work schedule, the hours he worked, or the money he…

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