NY Correction Law 751

In Sassi v. Mobile Life Support Servs., Inc., 2019 NY Slip Op 07305 (App. Div. 2nd Dept. Oct. 9, 2019), the court affirmed the lower court’s dismissal – see Sassi v. Mobile Life Support Services, Inc., NY Supreme Court, Dutchess County, Index No. 2016-51918, Decision and Order filed 12/15/16 – of plaintiff’s employment discrimination claim,…

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In Griffin v. Sirva, Inc., No. 35, 2017 WL 1712423 (N.Y. May 4, 2017), the New York Court of Appeals addressed three certified questions – posed to it by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit[1]Griffin v. Sirva Inc., 835 F3d 283 (2d Cir. 2016) – regarding liability under the New York State…

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In Martino v. Consolidated Edison Co. of N.Y., Inc., 105 AD3d 575 (App. Div. 1st Dept Apr. 18, 2013), the First Department held that New York’s “conviction discrimination” law (NY Correction Law Article 23-A, §§ 750-755) does not protect an employee from discipline/termination due to convictions and arrests incurred while they are employed. The court explained: Defendant…

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