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In a Manhattan federal lawsuit, captioned Rodriguez v. Highgate Hotels (SDNY 16-cv-05736, filed July 19, 2016), plaintiff (a male hotel worker) alleges that he was terminated for having a relationship with a female co-worker, while the defendant did not discipline (and in fact celebrated) a “clandestine romantic relationship” between a male supervisor and his male subordinate. Plaintiff…

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School bullying is unquestionably a serious issue. Whether it’s “traditional” physical bullying or so-called “cyberbullying”, such conduct can have negative effects on the victims for years after the fact. Bullying also presents legal issues, namely, whether and to what extent the school will be liable when a bullied victim sustains injuries. A recent case, Amandola v.…

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Below is the lawsuit, captioned Scarimbolo v. The Dram Shop, Index No. 503141/2014, recently filed by “Sopranos” actor Adam Scarimbolo against The Dram Shop Bar and an as-yet unnamed bartender. Plaintiff alleges that, “while at the Dram Shop, several unruly and heavily intoxicated patrons became enraged and violent towards Plaintiff simply because a couple of women who had accompanied those…

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Below is a copy of the lawsuit filed against the Metropolitan Opera by stage carpenter Teri Orsburn.   Ms. Orsburn alleges, among other things, sexual harassment, retaliation, negligent supervision and retention, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and battery.   [scribd id=106303619 key=key-1yu9nseehgn1xwe6sgxt mode=scroll]

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