In EEOC v. AZ Metro Distributors, LLC, 2020 WL 7404432 (EDNY Dec. 16, 2020), the court, inter alia, held that a jury verdict in plaintiff’s favor on claims of age discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act was supported by sufficient evidence, and therefore denied defendant’s Rule 50 motion for judgment as a matter…

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In EEOC v. United Health Programs of America, Inc. and Cost Containment Group, Inc., 14-CV-3673, 2020 WL 1083771 (EDNY March 6, 2020), the court, inter alia, upheld a jury verdict in favor of plaintiffs, who alleged that they were subjected to a religious discrimination and a religion-based hostile work environment in violation of Title VII…

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In Saber v. New York State Department of Financial Services, 15-cv-5944, 2018 WL 3491695 (S.D.N.Y. July 20, 2018), the court, inter alia, upheld a jury verdict that defendant discriminated against plaintiff – by not promoting him – because of his national origin (Iranian). Among the evidence of discrimination was a comment that plaintiff was “hiding yellow…

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In Fisher v. Mermaid Manor Home for Adults, LLC, No. 1:14-CV-03461-WFK-JO, 2016 WL 7330554 (E.D.N.Y. Dec. 16, 2016), the court upheld a jury verdict for an African American plaintiff on her employment discrimination claims. This employment discrimination case, asserted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the NYC Human Rights Law, “began…

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In Makinen v. City of New York, No. 111CV07535ALCAJP, 2016 WL 880194 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 1, 2016), the Southern District of New York upheld a jury verdict, largely in plaintiffs NYPD officers’ favor, that defendants them to discrimination based on their perceived disability (here, alcoholism). In sum, plaintiffs, who denied having issues with alcohol, were separately referred…

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