The evil of discrimination based on impermissible characteristics pervades many aspects of society (including employment, housing, and public accommodations) and exists in all, or nearly all, industry sectors. Here I will discuss how it arises in connection with the practice of law.[1]I will not discuss gender discrimination arising in the course of an attorney’s employment.…

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“‘You’re an asshole[]’ is not how an attorney should address her adversary.” That is the opening line of federal judge James C. Francis IV’s Order in Alexander Interactive v. Adorama, 12-6608, 2014 WL 2968528 (SDNY June 26, 2014). This decision serves as a reminder to attorneys to conduct themselves in a civil manner. This case arises…

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A trial court recently denied the motions by Bob’s Discount Furniture and Costco Wholesale Corporation to dismiss claims arising from Marion Hedges being struck by a shopping cart dropped from the fourth floor of the East River Plaza shopping complex (pictured). The complaint in Hedges v. East River Plaza LLC is here, my earlier post on…

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Soon-to-be-former attorney Scott Alan Stern was recently disciplined for engaging in shocking conduct, even by attorney standards. Most attorney discipline cases involve misappropriation (i.e., “stealing”) of client funds and engaging in some kind of fraud on the court. This one, however, is a bit different.  The facts, according to the opinion in Matter of Scott…

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