CPLR 3123

In Kong v. Morrison-Tennenbaum PLLC, 2019 NY Slip Op 30529(U), 156864/2016 (Sup. Ct. NY Cty. March 1, 2019), an employment discrimination case, the court determined that various “requests to admit” were improper. Judge Chan discussed the parameters of this disclosure device: A notice to admit “is to be used only for disposing of uncontroverted questions…

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Here is yet another reason why accident victims should refrain from using social media after they are in an accident. In Smith v. Brown, 2018 NY Slip Op 28299 (Sup. Ct. Bx. Cty. Sept. 27, 2018), a personal injury case involving a motor vehicle accident, the court held that plaintiff was required to respond to requests…

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