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The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) imposes monetary penalties and driver violation points for using a cell phone to talk or text while driving. More information is available here. The two relevant statutes are VTL § 1225-c and VTL § 1225-d.  Using a Mobile Telephone to Engage in a Call VTL § 1225-c(2)(a) provides:  “[N]o person shall…

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Your best bet for avoiding a cell phone-related ticket in New York?  Put the thing down while the car is running – even when stopped at a red light. One court (the Town Court of the Town of Brighton, Monroe County) recently held that a car stopped at a red light is still “in motion”…

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What does it mean to “engage in a call” for purposes of New York’s general cell phone driving statute, VTL § 1225-c(2)(a)? That section provides:  ”[N]o person shall operate a motor vehicle upon a public highway while using a mobile telephone to engage in a call while such vehicle is in motion.” Specifically, does using an iPhone’s “Siri” feature to…

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