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The New York Supreme Court (New York County) addressed, in OTG Management, LLC v. Konstantinidis, the propriety of injunctive relief in the restrictive covenant context. The court upheld an employment agreement’s non-solicitation, but not non-competition, provisions. In this case, plaintiff OTG hired Mr. Konstantinidis to be an operations manager for its food and beverage services in…

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In a recent Summary Order, the Second Circuit vacated a summary judgment, holding that the reduction of the plaintiff’s salary may have amounted to a “constructive discharge” without cause which would entitle plaintiff to severance payments under his employment contract/offer letter.  The case is Scott v. Harris Interactive, Inc., 12-1414 (2d Cir. Feb. 20, 2013).…

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Revolutionary War, Part Deux? In a complaint captioned Bottoms v. World Class Learning Academy of New York et al filed on February 28, 2013 in NY state court by Sarah Bottoms against UK-based World Class Learning Academy of New York, plaintiff alleges breach of contract, as well as discrimination and retaliation under the NYS and…

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In Connolly v. Napoli Kaiser Bern LLP, 2012 NY Slip Op 50075(U) (NY Sup Ct. NY Cty. 105224/05) (J. Madden), the court held that plaintiff (an attorney) presented sufficient evidence – pursuant to the narrow public policy exception to the “at-will” employment rule established by the Court of Appeals in Wieder v. Skala, 80 NY2d…

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In Malinowski v. Wall Street Source, Inc., 09 Civ. 9592 (PAE) (SDNY Dec. 2, 2011), NYLJ 1202534751470, the Southern District of New York held that evidence of plaintiff’s post-termination wages was inadmissible in light of the severance clause in plaintiff’s contract (which provided that plaintiff could only be fired for cause). Plaintiff sought unpaid wages,…

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