Year in Review: 2020

Twenty-twenty has, to say the least, been quite a (miserable) year, characterized by the introduction and propagation of a deadly virus, lockdowns, business closures, eviction moratoriums, protests, etc.

As we run out the clock, I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts as a New York City-based attorney/solo practitioner working in the “Era of COVID.”

While for the past several years I had appeared in court (New York Supreme Court, New York County) on a near-daily basis (often appearing in multiple parts throughout the day), the last time I saw the inside of a courtroom (in person) was Friday March 13 (!), 2020 (it was Judge Nervo’s part, 80 Centre Street, Room 327). It remains to be seen when, or even if, the New York courts will resume in-person operations, and if so, on what terms.

Like so many others, I haveĀ  incorporated remote work elements into my practice, including client intake, mediations, and depositions.

I have continued in my role as a lecturer for a well-known Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider. This year I taught several CLE classes – on the topics of Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Solo Practice – most of which I taught remotely.

I have continued to post regularly on my blog here, primarily about issues relating to employment law generally, employment discrimination, and sexual harassment.

And so on. Time marches on. Here’s to a better 2021 – in every way.

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