Race, Color, National Origin Discrimination Claims Survive Against Federal Reserve Bank of New York

In Nguedi v. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 16-cv-0636, 2017 WL 5991757 (S.D.N.Y. Dec. 1, 2017), the SDNY granted in part and denied in part defendant Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s motion to dismiss.

As to plaintiff’s claim under the NYC Human Rights Law, the court explained:

Plaintiff alleges that Crouch [plaintiff’s supervisor] told him to show less leadership and berated him while encouraging Caucasian employees to share their ideas. He also alleges that he was monitored by armed police officers throughout the workday, whereas Caucasian employees with the same security clearance were not. Plaintiff further pleads that Crouch would help Caucasian employees to resolve issues like the ID incident, but refused to help him and instead passed his photograph around while laughing at him. Therefore, Plaintiff plausibly alleges that Crouch treated him “less well” than other similarly situated employees outside of his protected classes.

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