Defendants Move to Compel Arbitration in Andrea Tantaros’ Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By a motion filed on August 29, 2016 in New York State court, Defendants seek to compel plaintiff Andrea Tantaros to pursue her sexual harassment (and other) claims in arbitration, rather than in court. (You can access public filings in this case, Tantaros v. Fox News et al, 157054/2016, as well as other cases, here.)

From the memorandum of law filed by Fox News and other individual defendants:

Tantaros’s complaint is filled with falsehoods, but for present purposes, what matters
most is that her foundational allegation – that her lawsuit has been properly filed in this Court – is demonstrably wrong. Every claim in Tantaros’s baseless complaint is subject to the broad and unambiguous provision in her Employment Agreement governing all disputes arising out of or relating to her employment.

(Defendant Roger Ailes filed a separate motion.)

Download File (PDF, 75KB)

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