Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Choice Logistics

In a recent lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court, captioned Domingo v. Choice Logistics, Inc. and James Adams, SDNY 16-cv-3648 (filed May 16, 2016), plaintiff Christine Domingo alleges, among other things:

Within six days after commencing her employment with Choice in December 2014, Domingo was subjected to unwelcomed physical touching, assault and sexual harassment by Adams, who was her boss and the former Chief Operating Officer[] at Choice. Adams physically assaulted Domingo in his apartment and touched her in a sexual manner without her consent and, when she complained to him about that unlawful conduct, he instructed her to forget about it and never mention it again. Yet, shortly thereafter, he began a discriminatory and retaliatory pattern of isolating her and taking steps to doom her ability to succeed at Choice, which ultimately resulted in her unlawful termination because of her gender and protected activity, effective on February 26, 2016. This conduct has caused Domingo to suffer a significant loss of income and emotional distress.

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