Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, and Wage Lawsuit Against Brooklyn Club Verboten

In a recently-filed class action complaint, captioned Suchowieski et al v. Verboten (EDNY 16-cv-01295 filed 3/15/16), plaintiffs allege that Brooklyn nightclub and their owners – Jen Schiffer and her husband, John Perez – committed various acts of wrongdoing against their employees.

The complaint alleges, for example, that “[d]efendants’ female employees are subjected to persistent sexual harassment at the hands of Ms. Schiffer” who “regularly and openly discusses her sex life, including her favorite sexual positions and sexual encounters with her husband John Perez and other women” and “told one female employee … that she wants to start[] ‘[f]ucking men with strap on dildos more often.'”

It also refers to other sexual comments, including:

  • “Whenever you are ready just let me know, I eat great pussy,”
  • “Are you having a bad day? You should let me fuck you,”
  • “I am a master at eating pussy,” and
  • “My dick can stay hard for a long time.”

It also alleges that defendants violated federal and state wage laws by, for example, failing to pay wages, failing to pay overtime, unlawfully deducting wages, and unlawfully retaining gratuities/tips.


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