“Sexual Chocolate” Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit Against ASPCA

In a recent race discrimination lawsuit, captioned Li’Gon v. ASPCA, SDNY 15-07686 (filed Sept. 29, 2015), plaintiff Benjamin Li’Gon alleges that the defendant terminated him because of his race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Plaintiff, who is a gay black man, alleges (among other things) that “ASPCA cultivated a work environment in which it allowed its white, heterosexual female staff to violate … ASPCA rules and harass their co-workers with impunity”, that “ASPCA’s female, white staff also often participated in horseplay that included physical contact and sexual comments”, and that plaintiff’s female colleague “groped Mr. Li’Gon, calling him ‘sexual chocolate.'”

Plaintiff seeks to recover under the New York City Human Rights Law and 42 USC 1981.

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