$100,000 Jury Verdict for Victim of Sexual Orientation Discrimination and Harassment

In Roberts v. UPS, 13-cv-6161 (Eastern District of New York), a jury recently awarded a discrimination plaintiff $50,000 in compensatory damages and $50,000 in punitive damages under the New York City Human Rights Law ($25k compensatory for discrimination, $25k punitive for discrimination, $25k compensatory for retaliation, $25k punitive for retaliation). Federal subject matter jurisdiction was based on diversity of citizenship.

In her 2013 federal court complaint, plaintiff alleged that defendants subjected her to “discrimination solely due to her sexual orientation (gay)” and then retaliated against her “solely for complaining of the unlawful harassment and discrimination.”

Not surprisingly, defendants have filed post-trial motions seeking judgment as a matter of law or a new trial. Update: Motions denied.

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