Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against AbilTo Inc. and Michael Laskoff

In a lawsuit captioned Laknidhi v. AbilTo, Inc. and Michael Laskoff, NY Sup. Ct. Index No. 151506/2015 (filed 2/13/15), plaintiff alleges that defendants AbilTo and Laskoff (AbilTo’s CEO) subjected her to “harassment and discrimination … because of her pregnancy (and associated need for pregnancy leave and post-pregnancy accommodations) … which culminated in” her unlawful termination.

For example, she alleges that immediately after starting at AbilTo, Laskoff made “daily inappropriate comments” such as asking her if she can “have that baby soon” and asking her when she was “going to pop”.

She also alleges that on the day she was terminated, AbilTo’s “Chief People Officer” told plaintiff that she “should focus on [her] new life transition.”

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