Man Rejected By Company’s “Vaginas” Who Are “Scared of Dick”, Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Alleges

In a July 28, 2014 lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York – captioned Rodriguez v. Jacqueline Dauhajre MD P.C. et al., 14-cv-5756 (embedded below) – plaintiff Jeffrey Rodriguez asserts that he was terminated from and/or not hired by an all-woman uptown Manhattan medical office because of his gender.

Plaintiff alleges, among other things, that after a successful day of training for a staff position at defendants’ medical practice, he was told that he wouldn’t be getting the job. In response to his inquiry as to why, he was forwarded a text message in which the owner said:

[Plaintiff] was good but the fact that he was a guy didn’t work for us … it was so unstabilizing for us all … But it just didn’t click … our vaginas rejected him.

A follow-up text from another employee stated that “[t]hese bitches [at defendant’s company] are scared of [d]ick I guess[.]”

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