July 1, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held, in Riley v. California (decided together with U.S. v. Wurie) that the police may not conduct a warrantless search of the digital contents of a cell phone seized from an individual who has been arrested. Justice Roberts’ tour through the Court’s Fourth Amendment jurisprudence culminates with this terse observation:…

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Below is the federal court complaint recently filed against PFIP LLC (doing business as Planet Fitness) and others. (News coverage here.) The suit alleges that about one month after the start of plaintiff’s employment, her (unnamed) manager “began making continual inappropriate sexual comments and innuendos towards and around Plaintiff.” She alleges, for example, he told her that…

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It’s been said that the “close door” buttons on certain elevators don’t do anything. One unlucky plaintiff apparently encountered an elevator with a functioning “close door” button, with an unpleasant result. In Chanice v. Federal Express Corp. (decided June 26, 2014), plaintiff alleged that “the top portion of a bi-folding industrial elevator door struck plaintiff in the head…

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