Lawsuit Against SOB’s By Victim Shot During Fat Trel “Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns” Party

Below is the complaint recently filed in the Supreme Court, New York County by Donald Goode against NYC hotspot S.O.B.’s (a/k/a Sounds of Brazil). Plaintiff alleges that he was shot in the leg by a patron while he was attending a concert and party at SOBs called “Mixtape Release SDMB NYC Edition” for rapper Fat Trel.

He alleges (among other things) that SOBs “owed a duty of ordinary care to plaintiff by providing security to [plaintiff] and other patrons;” that “[i]t was foreseeable, especially in light of the name of the party” – SDMG allegedly stands for Sex, Drugs, Money and Guns – “that patrons could or would bring dangerous weapons, including guns, into the club;” that the club “undertook the duty to protect clubgoers from weapons by providing security to frisk and search patrons;” and that SOBs breached its duties and were negligent.

He seeks unspecified damages.

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