November 11, 2013

In Matthews v. 400 Fifth Realty LLC, the Appellate Division, First Department reinstated plaintiff’s claims under Labor Law §§ 200 and 240(1).There, plaintiff was injured when a metal grate fell on him while he was working in the elevator shaft of a building owned by defendant 400 Fifth Realty. As to plaintiff’s Labor Law § 240(1) claim, the…

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In a recent decision, Grevelding v. State of New York (No. 2013-018-439, Claim No. 109855), the Court of Claims – the court having exclusive jurisdiction over lawsuits against the State of New York – assessed damages arising from the tragic automobile-related death of Jason Rhoades. Mr. Rhoades died when his car “vaulted” off a bridge…

Read More Court Explains $14 Million Award in Auto Accident Wrongful Death Case, Including Damages for “Pre-Impact Terror”
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