Race and National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit Against Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd.

Here is the race and national origin discrimination lawsuit filed on November 6, 2013 by Moselle Blanco against Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd., Max Cantey, and Monique Hagan.

Plaintiff alleges, for example, that her co-worker Max Cantey subjected her to racially derogatory remarks (such as calling her “taco smoke” and “burrito face” and saying that she “had greasy hands like a Mexican”), and that she was subjected to retaliation for reporting this treatment.  She brings claims against the individual defendants on the ground that they engaged in, and aided and abetted, the acts of the defendant company.

Ms. Blanco asserts her claims under the New York City Human Rights Law, and seeks back pay, front pay, punitive damages, and attorney fees.

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