PTSD Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Below is the complaint recently filed by plaintiff John Gorman against Coviden Sales, LLC and Dale Kelly. Plaintiff alleges that he was treated unfairly and subjected to discrimination based on his disability, namely, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Specifically, plaintiff claims that after telling defendant Kelly that he is a Navy Veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm and suffers from PTSD, Kelly:

  • “made disparaging remarks concerning individuals currently serving in the military and suffering from PTSD”,
  • said that plaintiff and other veterans suffering from PTSD “were weak tools of the oil companies who can’t handle the stresses of life”,
  • said that “no one drafted” plaintiff and that plaintiff “deserves what he gets”, and
  • said that plaintiff and others suffering from PTSD were a “bunch of babies.”

Plaintiff also alleges that as a result of this and similar treatment plaintiff “began experiencing an increased frequency in anxiety, fear, mental anguish, migraine headaches, and nightmares as a result of … Kelly’s statements and aggressive behavior” which led him to seek treatment from mental health professionals and take medication.

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