April 2013

In a recent Summary Order, the Second Circuit vacated a summary judgment, holding that the reduction of the plaintiff’s salary may have amounted to a “constructive discharge” without cause which would entitle plaintiff to severance payments under his employment contract/offer letter.  The case is Scott v. Harris Interactive, Inc., 12-1414 (2d Cir. Feb. 20, 2013).…

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In Mobley v. Madison Square Garden LP et al, 11-cv-8290 (SDNY March 15, 2013) (J. Batts), the Southern District of New York held that pro basketball player Cuttino Mobley plausibly stated disability discrimination claims under the New York State Human Rights Law and New York City Human Rights Law against various Madison Square Garden entities.  …

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In Cid v. ASA Institute of Business & Computer Technology, Inc., the Eastern District of New York found that plaintiff stated plausible claims for hostile work environment and retaliation (as well as aiding and abetting against individual defendants). Plaintiff claimed that her supervisor made unwelcome sexual comments, gave her unwanted gifts, and asked her out, and…

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In a recent summary order, the Second Circuit in Barrows v. Seneca Foods Corp. vacated a summary judgment for defendant on plaintiff’s same-sex sexual harassment claim. Plaintiff alleged that Sanabria [one of plaintiff’s male supervisors] constantly made vulgar comments, such as “suck my dick,” “come here and give me a blowjob,” and “[f]aggot, get the…

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Remember Alexandra Marchuk?  She’s the Vandy (!) Law grad who now finds herself as a defendant in a counter-suit (below) filed by defendants Faruqi & Faruqi and Juan Monteverde in response to the sexual harassment lawsuit she filed last month (which I wrote about here).  In it defendants seek $15 million on each of six counterclaims, including…

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Last week in Millbrook v. United States (March 27, 2013), the U.S. Supreme Court (per Justice Thomas, writing for a unanimous Court) issued a decision broadly interpreting the Federal Tort Claims Act’s so-called “law enforcement proviso” codified at 28 U.S.C. § 2680(h). Petitioner Kim Millbrook, a prisoner in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, alleged that…

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